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Brochures printing

Products offered
We print top-quality promotional brochures at the best possible prices in a top-quality digital printer.
Advertising brochures are typically in the following formats: A5 - A7 - A3, non - standard solutions are possible.
The number of pages is according to the client's requirement and needs; The paper is two-sided chrome or offset; The print is monochrome or full color, with the title sheet containing additional effects, hot stamping, lamination, varnishing, etc.


Products offered
The editorial and proofreading team has well-established professionals in the publishing business. Our graphic specialists will realize the most complex idea for your book, catalog or magazine. To illustrate books, we work with established animation artists. The high professionalism of the people who will work on the preparation of your edition is a guarantee for your success. Our modern offset printing base allows us to offer competitive prices, high print quality and express delivery times.

Аdvertising displays

Products offered
We use different materials to design your advertising racks and displays, tailored to your product and the goals you want to achieve. We work with PVC foamed boards, pressed cardboard as well as corrugated cardboard. We have a machine that makes direct printing on hard and different sized boards. We perform precise milling, shaping and cutting.

Calendars and notebooks

Products offered
Our offers for advertising calendars and company notebooks are varied - one-ply, multi-layered or customized. The type, size, date distribution, and color decisions can be selected based on the preference and budget of the client.

Packaging production

Products offered
Our corrugated and cardboard packaging can be customized to the needs and requirements of the particular product. The packaging we offer is a very wide range, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, machine and automotive parts and details, commercial product no marketed without packaging. That is why we continuously modernize and refine the production of packaging.

Making of stickers

Products offered
We offer professional printing and manufacturing of various types of stickers with an extremely wide range of applications. With the advertising and information stickers we produce, you can: Promote your goods at the point of sale, attract more customers, distribute to customers free of charge from your stickers, people stick to them in a variety of locations, potential customers to be interested in your product or service that you offer. Using security holographic stickers, you can protect your products from copying . The sticker may be placed on a magnetic surface and glued to metal plates and detached from the surface.

Non-standard solutions

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We are ready to go far beyond the established parameters and fulfill your unconventional wishes.

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