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About us

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     Sol Ltd. was established in 2005 with advertising publishing, from 2005 to 2009 the company is the publisher of Imoti + magazine, in 2007 a studio for graphic and web design < Graffiti > was created. two areas: printing, print advertising and web site and application creation, applications, programs and languages ​​used are: PHP object-oriented programming, MVC, MySQL, PostgreSQL database, JavaScript, HTML7.3, CSS3, Cloudware technology.
  • The studio uses the latest trends in programming, design and IT technologies, the products we create are fully customized and optimized for: Google, Yahoo, Bing and others, all of our products have a simple interface, clean and easy to understand design and are easily accessible for the user.
  • Since 2014 the studio has been operating under the brand name < webConstructions >. The studio's main tools are currently based in the cloud structures of AMAZON / BEAR CMS SYSTEMS one of the most progressive new technologies for web browsing.
  • At the moment, the successor company is < ATLAS SOLUTIONS SLLC >
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