Bear CMS installation

Bear CMS installation

You have a problem with the installation, we will help :)

   You are a web designer and you want to work with < Bear CMS >, but you have difficulties with installing the system and putting it into operation, we will start the platform for a minimum fee, we want you to succeed in < IT Sector >, we believe in your talent.
   The installation contains the following sequence:
1. Register a domain or provide your domain.

2. Creating a business e-mail.

3. Registration in Bear CMS / v2

4. Activating the domain in NS1 Hosting/ you can subsequently migrate to another hosting.

5. Install <INDEX FILE> in the PUBLIC folder

6. INSTALL <httacess file PHP 7.3> in the PUBLIC folder

7. START INSTALATION / example.com /bearcms-installer-0e35be310ce8197bea3b1f5ae550b0e5.php


9. Verification of the power of attorney through the official e-mail

10. Login to the admin panel

11. You are already on the move.

Attention !

    Once the installation is complete and the full amount for the service has been paid, all data related to the platform will be provided to the customer, access to bussines e-mail, to the hosting profile, to the installation profile, after which the client must change all access passwords to become sole content manager.


€ 75.00

   Before starting the installation we will ask for a 50% advance payment (€ 37.50), you will be provided with a bank account to pay the amount based on of a signed bilateral contract for services in the field of information technologies.
Bear CMS installation