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Your business on the Internet

Making a site is a necessary solution for any business, your site will be available to your customers 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. All who are interested in your activity and products will receive the necessary information in real time. Important criteria for website development ...
Web design must be consistent with the identity of the business. It is not recommended that the site be built from standard <web template> where multiple sites are installed, it does not have a high rating on Google, and it is unclear who has access to programming code content, we do not know who has programmed these tools. We do not use such <web template>, each site is crafted with individual design and approach for each individual customer, even to site with budget-restricted. The site must be of a simple design and user-friendly, with no extras or advertisements. Many customers place ads on their site, not realizing that their site is not newsroom with a huge audience, their advertising revenue will be negligible, but it will have a big negative effect in  potential customers. Navigation is essential for fast site traffic, with up to 2-3 clicks, трябва да получат достъп до информацията която търсят. Last but not least, the programming of the functionalities and keywords through which the site communicates at the machine level with the search engines must be professionally and carefully implemented. The level of professionalism in making your website will also speak a lot about your company.
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Base prices for site design

Functional programming

‎€ 470

An important requirement for starting a project is:

To be provided with the client's logo in order to design the site!

on the site
administrative panel
unlimited number of pages
software CMS Cloud Ware
> HTML 6+ | PHP 7.2 | CSS
Responsive design
> online form
address map
social buttons
> download на файлове
> SSL Certificate
> back up domain
> encrypted data transfer 
hidden pages on the site
> price lists and vouchers
online form for quick orders
> Disc space 10 GB
Additional costs
Logo design
if you do not have or want to change it
Site Administration
each site needs professional support
Training to work with the administrative panel
we offer on-site or remote training
Loading with goods and services of E-shops
an option where the customer does not currently have a trained employee to load the store
All additional services are subject to individual negotiation, depending on the project to be executed!

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