Web Based Business Solutions
    We're passionate about helping other businesses succeed. Our web based solutions are made to improve the way you, your team and your customers communicate. Many projects start with a website as a tool for communication but lead to improving other business processes.

Web administration

Support your business on the Internet

The administration of a web site based on us is implemented under strict rules in order not to damage the already prepared and functioning website, the support is related to updating the available information with new or completely removed. These updates are only made if required and the user requests the site owner.
The administration is run by your site's top administrator, which requires support in certain cases from: software developers, hosting company technical support, and Google admin tools monitoring tools.

Annual subscription

The price is determined depending on the project

Minimum cost of maintenance

EUR 50 per month

The subscription includes:
5 updates per month or 60 total per calendar year, monitoring the site through the Google admin tool, tracking hacking attacks, or occurring error files on the site itself, and full support for the site owner about its proper functioning on the web.
Hosting & Management
We take care of your hosting and server management. This includes backups, server maintenance and content management updates.

CMS Management

We offer training in working with the CMS panel

EUR 15 per hour

Your website comes with a content management system  CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to login and make updates. We take a "what you see is what you get" approach. This means you login, navigate to a page, and edit directly from the front end of the website. 
We will train you on updating your website but if you need us to help, we are always here. We are dedicated to helping our customers succeed so feel free to contact us.

Free Services

Five free hours of training to work with the CMS panel

SEO optimization your site

Individual design

Hosting for one year

I want an individual offer